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 Eliminator(TM) Pepper Spray Jogger

Eliminator(TM) Pepper Spray Jogger

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The Jogger Pepper Spray from Eliminator (TM)

Easy, convenient protection.  One-hand operation.  Hottest formula allowed by law!

  • 1/2 oz
  • "3 in 1"
  • Jogger unit/hard case, elastic strap and key ring

Mini 1/2 oz canister includes heavy-duty adjustable jogging strap. Fires up to 10' with locking safety cap. Fires up to 10', which makes it one of the most effective non-lethal personal defense weapons on the market. Simply point the canister at the attacker’s face and depress the actuator button. A heavy cone shaped blast will discharge from the unit to a range of 8-12 feet depending on the model. To stop firing, release thumb pressure. The effects of the spray are instantaneous. The spray causes inflammation to the eye capillaries and all other mucous membranes resulting in immediate temporary impairment of vision, coughing, choking and nausea with extreme discomfort. Symptoms will disappear within 30 – 40 minutes with no after effects. This model also leaves dye marks for assailant identification purposes, making it easier for law enforcement officials to pursue and apprehend your attacker. Made in USA.

Caution: Severe skin and eye irritant

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